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    October 9, 2018 · Customer Journey,Design Marketing,Architects
    Introduction Q1: Tell us a bit about your company’s design philosophy for elderly-friendly homes. A: We help the elderly to live comfortably with their families in their own homes and to introduce helpful features in an integrated and more subtle manner. Q2: I can install off-the-shelf grab...
    August 22, 2018 · Chinese Marketing,PR Management,Chinese New Media
    Introduction: Melanie Marten, PR Consultant at thecoup.de, interviewed me and translated this interview into German. With her permission, I am re-posting the English version of this interview. Melanie Marten (MM): I spoke with JX Tan, Principal Consultant at Momentum Digital, about Chinese New...
    July 19, 2018 · b2c,hot topic marketing,Digital Marketing,e-commerce
    Football is one of humanity’s biggest unifying symbols: After all, over 40% of the world’s population (3.2 billion) watched games from the 2014 World Cup. It is clear that the World Cup has stolen the hearts and attention of many of the world’s consumers but how can you leverage this to generate...
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    Content Marketing, Digital Marketing

    Why Authentic Content Marketing Matters

    Tech Collective

    Brands thrive or fail based on their ability to clearly articulate their purpose with conviction and transparency. This article introduces how content marketing fits in.

    Chinese Tourists, Destination Marketing, China Digital Marketing, Sixth Tone

    Missed Connections: Why Chinese Tourists Feel Left Out Overseas

    Sixth Tone

    China’s outbound tourism market is growing, but many international destinations are struggling to connect with the country’s travelers

    Facebook ads, Databox, Facebook stats

    How to Increase Your Facebook Ad Reach


    Shared quote indicating that the typical Facebook global user now clicks on a median of eight ads per month

    Industrial Design, PR China, Branding China

    5 Things You Need To Know to Successfully Do Business in China, with Julien Gueuning and Christophe Branchu

    Authority Magazine

    Assisted a China-based client appeal to its international clientele and highlighted its complete "Go-To-China" service offering




    How can e-commerce merchants create event-based promotions to create brand awareness and enhance sales volume


    国际化的中国品牌: 数字营销案例


    Anker & Insta360 Case studies: How can Chinese brands succeed in building their own brand on the Amazon Marketplace & beyond?

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