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Covid-19: China Marketing Insights 4 May 2020

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May Day Chinese tourist analysis

Source: Group, China’s largest online travel agency, issued a report on domestic travel during Labor Day holiday, which runs from May 1 to 5.

90 million trips are expected to be taken within China which is roughly half of similar travel last year. There is an emphasis on staying at luxury hotels, car rental, independent travel, smaller tour groups with three to six people and shorter trips of two to three days.

Younger travellers, in their teens and 20s (referred to in China as post-90s), have emerged as the driving force for this holiday, comprising 57% of total bookings. said reservations for car rentals were at 70% of the same period last year, thanks to the privacy, cleanliness and freedom of car travel. It also said 55% of hotels booked were rated four or five stars.



As covid-19 kept traditional offline channels on the shelf, the number of e-commerce livestreaming sessions topped 4 million in the first quarter, according to China’s Commerce Ministry.

According to CNBC, Taobao said the number of new merchants using the site’s livestreaming platform surged by more than eight times in one month — from January to February, while transactions grew more than 160% year-over-year in March.

But it’s very expensive to hire an internet personality for a livestream, and consumers tend to be more loyal to the KOL than a brand, analysts said. In addition, the product return rate is two to three times higher than official e-commerce purchase channels.

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