• Chinese Digital Marketing Landscape

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    China's Digital Marketing Landscape

    Digital Word of Mouth rules!

    Positive word of mouth is key to attracting Chinese tourists. WeChat and Yelp-like apps such as Dianping allow Chinese tourists to share their experiences. Over 60 percent of Chinese netizens said they considered word of mouth in their purchasing decisions. Yet many international attractions are unsure how best to engage Chinese tourists online, costing them potential positive reviews.

  • WeChat Key Statistics

    Top Three Apps

    Top three apps used by Chinese tourists overseas: WeChat, Google Maps, Dianping.

    963 Million Monthly Average Users

    Tencent’s superapp with chat, payment, social media and news all rolled into one.

  • Wechat marketing, case study
  • Wangfujing Department Stores, China

    Wechat Use Case - 2017

    Location: 49 locations in Chongqing


    Products & Services: Wangfujing is one of China’s pioneering department stores seeking to revamp its WeChat store to drive engagement and revenues.


    Target Segment: Post 80s and 90s shoppers who stay within 2km of its stores and willing to pay more for higher-quality products.


    Campaign: Offer limited midweek deals every Tuesday and ask customers to pay online and self-collect at store. This is popular as many young shoppers work in the day and prefer to collect purchases while triggering additional brick-and-mortar purchases.

  • Dianping Key Statistics

    Top Three Apps

    Top three apps used by Chinese tourists overseas: WeChat, Google Maps, Dianping.

    200 Million Monthly Average Users

    Combination of Yelp, Groupon & Food Panda. Over 50% of Chinese tourists use it overseas.

  • Dianping Marketing, Case study
  • Lee Gardens, Hong Kong

    Dianping Use Case

    Location: Causeway Bay, the heart of Hong Kong’s shopping scene


    Products & Services: Upmarket fashion & gourmet cuisine


    Target Segment: Chinese FITs (free independent travelers) who typically spend about 3 days in Hong Kong and visit Causeway Bay once during their stay.


    Campaign: Appear on the first page under “Travel Tips” for Dianping users in Hong Kong and provide gourmet promotions for 2 weeks (8 – 20 Aug 2017). This prominent exposure resulted in a 49% increase in clicks during the promotion period.

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