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    Listing resources for brands going into China & Internationalizing Chinese Brands!

    International Branding for Chinese brands, 建立国际品牌, 出海, Internationalizing Chinese Brands

    Differences between China versus International Marketing environment:


    We briefly covered the unique Chinese media ecosystem earlier in our Chinese social media marketing section. This section lists resources for brands going into China and vice versa. A quick word for internationalizing Chinese brands: International media isn't as "pay-to-play" relative to Chinese media, so PR efforts require greater effort to identify and pitch stories that are relevant to your brand.

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    Find (Trending) Content Ideas:

    China (In Chinese unless otherwise stated)

    • Newrank: In China, content is often distributed on mobile-first New Media such as WeChat or Toutiao. Newrank tracks trending content and followers of official WeChat accounts. 
    • WeChat Sogou: If you need to track individual WeChat accounts' statistics and content, Sogou helps you do so. 


    • Buzzsumo: A nifty (paid) tool to identify trending content and influencers that matter to your brand.
    • Tweetdeck: Quick way to shortlist popular influencers and tweets related to your brand's keywords.
    • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator: Never worry about running short of ideas to blog on. Generates fantastic titles.
    • Parsely Currents: See what topics were performing best on every news site around the world.

    Find SEO Analysis Tools:


    • 5118: Has a category listing so that you can see top ranking sites for various categories such as e-commerce. 


    Find PR Tools:


    • Meitibang: Cost-effective press release tool. A la carte media options available. In terms of advertorials, Chinese media is relatively more "pay-to-play" relative to international media. You may ask Meitibang for packages that include more prominent coverage. 
    • Meihua: Monitor Chinese press coverage of your brand. 


    • PRNewswire: Premium press release product that works in the Chinese and international markets. Comes with a premium pricing. Unlike free tools, this product boosts SEO and provides a media reach analysis.
    • Prezly: Facilitates media pitching to journalists who write about stuff that matters to your brand.

    Find Online Marketing Pointers:



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