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    The Voice of Asian Business: Momentum Digital (MD) Voice provides journalists with Asian sources for technology, business, and healthcare stories. Sources get opportunities to secure valuable media coverage.

    Asian PR, Asian Businesses, Asian Journalists

    What Happens Next:

    • Journalists: You indicate the type of stories that are seeking sources and your deadline (be realistic here!). 
    • Sources: Upon registration and indication of your expertise, you will receive journalists' requests in a daily newsletter.  
    • Privacy: Journalists and sources don't get access to one another's email addresses. Your contact details are only used in relation to MD Voice and not revealed elsewhere. 

    Why Choose MD Voice:

    • It is a challenge to seek Asian sources and get quoted by Asian journalists. Now, we seek to address this challenge to help both journalists and sources.
    • Build up a varied and credible pool of business sources from across Asia.
    • MD Voice is free to use for journalists!
    • MD Voice is free to use for sources for the entire month of September 2018. If you wish to continue, please insert  after September, please credit us as a media partner and insert our MD Voice URL in your website's blog front page.

    House Rules:

    • All journalists submitting a source request must include their full name, rather than “editorial team” or no name.
    • Journalists who source content through MD Voice must give proper credit to the source upon publication and inform the source.
    • Journalists may not submit the same source request more than twice in a fourteen day period.
    • Sources cannot pitch products in your reply unless the request specifically asks for a product.
    • Reply to source requests with complete, relevant answers to questions, including a short bio and your contact information.
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