• Key Statistics

    Short Video is the new Black

    Short video is taking up 17% of of China's ad spend as of 2020 up from 4% in 2018. Content now has to incorporate multimedia elements.

    Baidu & Google algorithms differ

    For example, Baidu ranks Chinese content and .cn domains more highly. Another big difference is that Ecommerce + short videos account for almost 60% of China's digital ad spend while in the West, Google + Facebook account for 60% of digital ad spend.

  • Quality Content, more important than ever

    Customer Journey

    Begin with the end in mind

    Build customer personas and journeys. Highlight where your brand may add value to customers. See how this is being done in our blog post on Chinese outbound tourism. This journey will be weaved into your SEO research, e.g. keyword & competitor research, and content marketing strategy.

    Content Creation

    Most memorable content wins

    Build a content marketing calendar across various social media channels. To become more memorable, we construct posts with the right balance of text & imagery as well as takeaways. Read more about the five triggers of capturing attention in our TechInAsia blog post.

    China Short Videos, China digital ad market share, Baidu is dying

    Short Videos

    The missing piece to your comms strategy

    Bytedance, the parent company of Tik Tok, is becoming a powerhouse platform in China. We help you leverage the right influencers on this platform. Read more about how Bytedance is disrupting Tencent and Baidu in this post.

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