• Key Statistics

    Customer Acquisition Cost is Rising

    In the first quarter of 2020, the average customer acquisition on Taobao cost around $125, more than eight times its 2013 costs. To optimize your marketing budget, your marketing needs a blend of PR + Social Media + Short Videos.

    No Trust = No Sales

    Chinese customers need to see your product online & offline at around 15 different touchpoints (including social media) before purchase. In the U.S or Europe, that figure might be 8.

  • Social Media Marketing


    Community Building

    Vanity metrics like the number of "likes" cannot be the primary objective of social media campaigns. We help your brand dig deeper to build engagement and a community.


    Continuously Refine

    Engagement metrics like "shares" are much harder to hit when running social media campaigns. We help your brand identify interesting data trends and uncover insights that matter for future campaigns.

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