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    A curated set of articles and tools to navigate rapidly changing consumer buying patterns, consumer habits, mindsets during the new Covid-19 normal.




      • #StopAsianHate - Skift features UK’s “kindest city" & friendly locals to appeal to tourists as Asian hate crimes rise 
      • New Rank (Chinese website) - What is trending on WeChat, Little Red Book & other Chinese platforms
      • Marketing News - Will Luxury Cash in On Shenzhen’s New Duty Free?
      • Sustainability - Why Sustainability Is Trending With China’s Millennials and Biggest Spenders
      Asian PR, Asian Businesses, Asian Journalists

      What Happens Next:

      • Prior to Covid-19, companies followed a similar formula to win sales - Advertise, do PR to build your brand and while advertising some more - are likely to find it doesn't work.
      • Pivot by becoming more news-driven and featuring the 3Ps (people/ products/passion) to fit this unique period

      Where to turn for help:

      Know that the Momentum team is here to help during this period. Please reach out if you need support to adjust your communication strategy or messaging.

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